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ArcEmu Patch Submission

Path submitting template you must use when submitting a patch.

Patch Title: What bug does this patch fix: (If this bug is on trac, please provide a link) Detailed Explanation: How to reproduce:

Link to thread(s) in bug reports section if available: Patch:

Wrap in [code][code][/code][/code] bb-tags.

And upload the patch file please (if the patch is too large feel free to upload it to a third party host).

Also, please take a look at our coding convention for some clean rules which can help make your code look cleaner and more readable.

Patch Submission Guidelines

1. Proper Alignment

In nearly all code editors and IDEs there is a magical invention called the "Tab" key which will produce a large space, called an indentation. This large space makes code easier to read, and will make your code look professional - if you keep it aligned that is since ArcEmu uses guidelines that focus on readable code, this is a must. If your code has improper alignment or looks... "raw" it will most likely never be looked at, and be declined.

2. To be added

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