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If you're interested in World of Warcraft, support Open Source, and are looking for something will challenge and inspire you, then ArcEmu is a great project to get involved with! We're currently looking for scripts to re-write, update, and expand our massive script collection.

You are expected and will need to know:

   * All aspects of the standard C++ language
   * All aspects of Arcemu's Lua engine.
   * Experience in Object Oriented Analysis and Design
   * Strong skills with common data structures, logic and common algorithms.
   * As well, we expect a willingness to learn what's needed to suceed


   * Experience with code optimization to improve performance
   * Passion for playing World of Warcraft and an active World of Warcraft Account

Do you meet some, or even all of these requirements? Start by submitting some patches to us. Need a place to start? Check the bug tracker for current issues that need to be worked on.

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