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Before doing anything

Make sure you comprehend what bugs you should and should not be reporting. It's suggested to read the page regarding Bugs before making use of the bug database. Please note that custom scripts, both Lua and C++-scripts, may cause these bugs. Please provide the edits you did to the core and/or scripts. Do not post bugs about your repack. Repacks are not supported!

Posting a bug

First of all, be sure to be logged in. This requires a separate Trac account. Registering one of those accounts is free, fast and completely painless. After being registered, one may log in with these credentials.

Be sure to check whether the bug's been reported on forehand! To do this you can browse both the active tickets, and use the search engine. When logged in, you'll see the button "New Ticket", click that to make a new inquiry.

Posting Template

To make processing your inquiry easier for any ArcEmu developer, it's recommended you utilise this small chart.

   ArcEmu revision:
   Host OS:
   Database used:
   Using scripts?
   Detailed explanation:
   Possible reasons:

A filled in example could be:

   ArcEmu revision:  1337
   Host OS:  Windows Server Edition 2003 (32-bits)
   Database used: WhyDB
   Using scripts?  No.
   Detailed explanation:  Deathknight generated DPS seems to be hitting an alltime low.  Even on the best possibly geared ones.
   Possible reasons:  DK spells have not fully been worked in to the system.  Formulas for the diseases are incorrect.
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