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Will spawn the game object that match the specified entry id.

Ico info.png If the spawned object is moved by a GM with a command ingame, the game object will not despawn after the duration.


pGameObject = pUnit:SpawnGameObject(uint32 Entry, float X, float Y, float Z, float O, uint32 Duration, float Scale [, uint32 Phase, int (bool) Save])
pUnit Unit that will spawn the object.
Entry Entry of the spawned gameobject.
X, Y, Z and O Coordinates and orientation of the object.
Duration Defines how long in miliseconds the gameobject will exist in the world before despawned. Use 0 for infinte.
Scale Size of the game object in percent
Phase The phase the gameobject is spawned to. Optional, spawn in phase 1 if not set.
Save Defines if the gameobject is saved to database. Use 1 to save and 0 not to save. Optional, wont save if not set.

The method will return the spawned object. If no object was spawned, returns nil.


local function NPC_OnDeath(pUnit, event, pPlayer)
	-- Spawn 2 gameobjects, One phased. One is at the last player target and one is at the killed NPC.
	local x,y,z,o = pUnit:GetLocation()
	pUnit:SpawnGameObject(101779, x, y, z, o, 60000, 100)
	local x,y,z,o = pPlayer:GetLocation()
	local Object = pUnit:SpawnGameObject(101779, x, y, z, o, 60000, 100, 2, 0)
	if (Object) then -- Check that an object was spawned
		pPlayer:SendAreaTriggerMessage("Spawned an object to your location")
RegisterUnitEvent(123, 4, NPC_OnDeath)
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