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Ico info.png ArcEmu SUPPORTS ONLY enUS AND enGB DBCs! DBCs from any other WoW client will NOT work as intended!

An example for a United States client is "worldofwarcraft\data\enUS\"


Extract databases

  • Go to the folder where you installed Arcemu ( C:\Arcemu for example )
  • Go to the tools sub-folder ( C:\Arcemu\tools for example )
  • Copy the files you can find there to your World of Warcraft root folder/directory ( the same place where wow.exe is, E:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft for example )
  • Run ad to extract the DBCs and maps. When the tool finishes you will see it created two new folders, dbc and maps.
  • Copy the maps and dbc folder to your Arcemu folder.
Ico info.png If you are on Linux/BSD/OS X you will have to rename the dbc folder to DBC, otherwise Arcemu will not find it.

Now the ArcEmu folder should look like that:

<dir> dbc
<dir> maps
<dir> modules
<dir> tools

Next step

On the next page we will have a look how to setup the SQL Database

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