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[lua] How To Use Lcfs Functions. LCF for Dummies

#1 User is offline   paroxysm 

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Posted 26 February 2010 - 09:40 PM

Recently, there was a few files committed to the lua misc folder entitled LCF. LCF simpy stands for Luas convinient functions, just means that most of the functions are wrappers so scripters can write shorter code.
Now, they break down to 3 object types: creature,player,gameobject. Depending on which object your dealing with, you will only be able to invoke the methods contained in that object's method table. For example :
//Simply an example to show how each function is encapsulated the object type.
//So in a random hooked server hook, we get a player object.
function OnZone(event,player,zone_id)
player:GetStrength() // Valid since GetStrength() is listed in LCF_Player
player:MonsterSay("Hello") //Trying to invoke methods listed in the creature or gameobject LCF files from a player object, results in a function not found error.
//However you can now do
local pet = player:SpawnLocalCreature(random_id,player:GetFaction(),0)
pet:MonsterSay("Hello master "..player:GetName()) // Since pet is a creature object, it has access to creature methods but not methods of the other 2 objects.
pet:SpawnLocalCreature(pet:GetEntry(),pet:GetFaction(),0) // pet can do this because SpawnLocalCreature is listed under LCF_Creature.

Now each object type comes with a RegisterLuaEvent(function,delay,repeats,...) function that will add an event with its event type being the object. They also come with RemoveLuaEvent(func) which will remove all events with this object as their event type. NOTE: If you specify func, it removes all events that call func.
MYBOSS_AI = { test_variable = "Encapsulated Variable" }
function MYBOSS_AI:MyBossOnCombat(unit)
unit:RegisterLuaEvent(self.AIUpdate_NoSelf,1000,0,unit) // replicated a similar effect to RegisterAIUpdateScript, NOTE: you can pass in extra arguments after the 3 formal arguments to have them passed to target function.
unit:RegisterLuaEvent(LCF:BindMethod(self.AIUpdate_Self,self),1000,0,unit) // same effect but whenever AIUpdate_self is called, it will pass in a value for the implied self variable. NOTE: If you plan to register a method, then you must call LCF:BindMethod(method,methods_table) for the 1st parameter to RegisterLuaEvent.
function MYBOSS_AI:AIUpdate_Self(unit)
print(self.test_variable) // this prints "Encapsulated Variable"
unit:RemoveLuaEvent(self.AIUpdate_Self) // Unregisters this function from being called
function MYBOSS_AI.AIUpdate_NoSelf(unit)
print(MYBOSS_AI.test_variable) // You can instantly note the advantage of using the self variable style. You don't have to type the whole table's name to retrieve it's contents, also using self appears more object oriented.

--LCF's extra functions
LCF comes with extra function which are not tied to any object and can be used publicly w/o having an object type. They are all listed in LCF_Extra
Example on how to use LCF.RegisterZoneHook(...)
Ok so we all know sometimes we want to register a zone hook, but to also get the proper zone, we have to check the passed in zone id to make sure it's the one we want. However, using RegisterZoneHook(zone_id,func), we can simply pass in the zone id we want and the function to be called when a player hits that zone id.
local ZONE_HOOKS = {}
function ZONE_HOOKS.OnZoneHook_noself(evt,player,zone_id)
//execute prefered code here
//We can remove this zone hook by:
//NOTE: LCF:RemoveZoneHook(zone_id) removes all events associated with that zone_id, specifying a function removes only events that call that function
function ZONE_HOOKS:OnZoneHook_self(evt,player,zone_id)
//execute prefered code here
// Now to remove
//Now we register both the function and the method.

RegisterAreaTrigger(...) also works the same except it's for area triggers

LCF:RegisterLuaEvent(evt_type,func,delay,repeats,...) works similar to the other types except this one takes an event type. Actually, all the other types simply call this function with the underlying object as the event type.

Well that concludes the LCF for Dummies documentation

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Posted 27 February 2010 - 01:38 PM

In all honesty i just discovered the Lcfs yesterday while browsing through the check out of ArcScripts. I have to say these functions are amazing. I am curious, have you seen the LSL library? Maybe you want to also work on implementing that? And by implement i mean fix up and add into HypArc? It has a large number of global functions that can provide very useful. It came from the old LuaAppArc Development team that I was part of. - Library - Config Files
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#3 User is offline   paroxysm 

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Posted 28 February 2010 - 06:30 PM

I'll see what I can adapt but lot of those functions won't necessarily be used in ai scripts but mostly towards general scripting.

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