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[Lua] Creature Event Additional Arguments

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Posted 16 November 2009 - 04:07 AM

[left] Welcome to the first installment of the The More You Know™ Lua tutorial series. The idea of these are to give small but extremely useful pockets of information for Lua scripters. They are small so I can write them in my spare time when I have a lot going on, but still make contributions to the community.
Posted Image
Creature Events
I'm sure you all know what these are. When you're making an NPC script, the functions you register at the bottom are called Creature Events. You know:
RegisterUnitEvent(entryid, eventid, "function name")

Ringing any bells? I knew it would.
Just a reminder, there are 23 creature events. They are:
ON_HIT = 13
ON_FEAR = 15
ON_FLEE = 16
ON_LOAD = 18

You probably won't use - or perhaps haven't even heard of - most of them. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 18 are the most common.
Anyway, to the point of this guide. Let's take a look at a sweet script I made. On Combat, it causes the npc to yell "I'll eat your heart".
function Evil_Vrygul_OnCombat(pUnit, event)
    pUnit:SendChatMessage(14,0,"I'll eat your heart!")

RegisterUnitEvent(74001, 1, "Evil_Vrygul_OnCombat")

Wow. Spectacular. But haven't you always wanted him to say your name? Like, just to point out the idiot who pulled him accidently? Or perhaps you just want to be told on a more personal level of Mr. Vrygul's plans for dinner? Well, here's where it gets exciting.
function Evil_Vrygul_OnCombat(pUnit, event, pMisc)
    local name = pMisc:GetName()
    pUnit:SendChatMessage(14,0,"I'll eat your heart, ""!")

RegisterUnitEvent(74001, 1, "Evil_Vrygul_OnCombat")

Oh shi- I just did that. Just in case you don't know, the part just joins the variable name to the message. But that's not what I want you to notice. what IS that pMisc shiz I'm doing there?
Well, that pMisc is called an additional argument. Basically, in Creature Events, you as a scripter have access to more than you know. They have been kept secret for absolutely no reason. In this case, pMisc holds the player that started combat. In your Creature Event functions, you can add these additional arguments to give you more options. Each Creature Event comes with different additional arguments. Here's a neat list for you.
Event				Name	 Desc					Name2	Desc
ON_ENTER_COMBAT = 1	 	pMisc	 Who started combat		
ON_LEAVE_COMBAT = 2	 	pMisc	 Who was the target when combat ended		
ON_TARGET_DIED = 3	 	pMisc	 Who the unit killed		
ON_DIED = 4	 		pMisc	 Who dealt the killing blow to the unit		
ON_TARGET_PARRIED = 5	 	pMisc	 the target		
ON_TARGET_DODGED = 6		pMisc	 the target		
ON_TARGET_BLOCKED = 7	 	pMisc	 the target	 			Misc1	 Amount
ON_TARGET_CRIT_HIT = 8	 	pMisc	 the target	 			Misc1	 Amount
ON_PARRY = 9	 		pMisc	 the unit's current target		
ON_DODGED = 10	 		pMisc	 the unit's current target		
ON_BLOCKED = 11	 		pMisc	 the unit's current target	 	Misc1	 Amount
ON_CRIT_HIT = 12	 	pMisc	 the unit's current target		Misc1	 Amount
ON_HIT = 13	 		pMisc	 the unit's current target	 	Misc1	 Amount
ON_ASSIST_TARGET_DIED = 14	pMisc	 the unit's assist target		
ON_FEAR = 15	 		pMisc	 the feared target	 		Misc1	 spell id
ON_FLEE = 16	 		pMisc	 the fearer		
ON_CALL_FOR_HELP = 17	 	N/A			
ON_LOAD = 18	 		N/A			
ON_REACH_WP = 19	 	Misc1	 WaypointID	 			Misc2	 Moving forward (T/F)
ON_LOOT_TAKEN = 20	 	pMisc	 Player looting	 			pItem	 Looted item object
ON_AIUPDATE = 21	 	N/A			
ON_EMOTE = 22	 		pMisc	 Player	 				Misc1	 EmoteID
ON_DAMAGE_TAKEN = 23	 	pMisc	 Attacker	 			Misc1	 Amount

Common Examples
1. Making a ghoul spawn at a player's location On Kill:
function LichKing_OnKill(pUnit, event, pMisc)
    local name = pMisc:GetName()
    local X = pMisc:GetX()
    local Y = pMisc:GetY()
    local Z = pMisc:GetZ()
    pUnit:SendChatMessage(14,0,"You're corpse will not go to waste, ""!")
    pUnit:SpawnCreature(16244, X, Y, Z, 0, 14, 0)

RegisterUnitEvent(75001, 3, "LichKing_OnKill")

2. Giving reward to the player who deals the Killing Blow:
function LichKing_OnDeath(pUnit, event, pMisc)
    local name = pMisc:GetName()
    pMisc:SendAreaTriggerMessage("Congratulations, you dealt the killing blow to the Lich King.")
    pMisc:AddItem(80001, 1) --you're frostmourne id here
    pMisc:SendAreaTriggerMessage("The power of the Frostmourne flows through you, and only you. All shall hail you, the new Lich King!")
    pUnit:SendChatMessage(42, 0, "All hail "", the new Lich King!")

RegisterUnitEvent(75001, 4, "LichKing_OnDeath")

Posted Image
Final words: The best way to make the most of this is to play around with it! Give it a go. Make something unique today.
Please don't PM me asking to fix, correct or look-over your scripts. Please post a new thread in the Lua Scripting section so others can learn and help.

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Posted 25 November 2009 - 03:25 PM

I was exactly looking for the thing when creature says someone's name. :)
Thank you very much! Keep up the good work! :)


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