Arcemu Goes Cmake (View original topic)


Posted 27 May 2011 - 01:47 PM

Hey there everyone!

Today as the documentation has been mostly finished, and now all the usual platforms have been tested and turned out to be working, we officially change our build system to use CMake.

What is CMake
CMake is a cross platform build system, which means it can configure the build on multiple systems ( Windows, Linux, BSD, OS X, etc ), for multiple build tools ( Visual C++, G++, etc )
You can read more about CMake on the wiki here:

Why are we changing to CMake
We have users using many different Operating Systems on their machines, some use Windows, some use Linux, some use something else, and also we have different people with different build tools ( compilers ),
which means we need a unified build system to serve the needs of everyone, so that everyone can build nearly the same way.

What does this mean for Arcemu
Basically what this transition means to all of us is that before (re)building you will have to do an extra step and set up the build environment using CMake. Fortunately this is not at all hard, and we provide enough documentation on the wiki for it. This way Arcemu is more portable as you are not bound to only the compilers we officially support ( like now you can again use Visual Studio 2008 on Windows pretty easily ).