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Opcodes Related To Cinematic's And Movies Research

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Posted 07 September 2011 - 03:41 PM

For sometime now i have been well basically just editing .dbc files and adding own things into game, due the fact i wanted my realm to be based on mythology and therefor i wanted to change the game it self so much.Everything what i could imagine i have achieved and now only one thing i cant make properly to work..
Triggering Cinematics...
I have made able to add/import your own cinematics into wow, or even better to make own cinematic Sequence.But then hey lets make it to trigger when new player makes char at first login. Core currently is using db and opcode for this SMSG_TRIGGER_CINEMATIC, so in CharacterHandler.cpp there is a code something like this if(plr->m_FirstLogin && !HasGMPremissions())
uint32 introid = plr->myRace->cinematic_id;
OutPacket(SMSG_TRIGGER_CINEMATIC, 4, &introid);

On this way it triggers not movie but only Cinematic Sequence.But then again why did .debug playmovie (id) worked earlier on me, if it is using the same packet.Could it be Client some how flags players for first seeing cinematic sequence? Because of this i went more into research and now instead of SMSG_TRIGGER_CINEMATIC, i used SMSG_TRIGGER_MOVIE and now it is working well...Well only one catch..Sometimes if players is on wrong map or on wrong part of map, cinematic will give error 132, basically crashing the client..

Custom Cinematic :)
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