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Webwow Cms V2 Making a owners life easier!

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Posted 21 November 2010 - 09:48 AM

Making a owners life easier!

WebWoW2 is a first class Content Management System for World of Warcraft Private Servers supporting the top 3 major emulators known as Arcemu, MaNGOS and Trinity and has many powerful features for these emulators. Features such as; Remote Updating, News & Announcements, Modules & Plug-in System, Templating system, Administrator Panel and a User panel for which we have plenty of tools for.

Below we will give you a introduction to WebWoW's key features.

What has changed since WebWoW1?
Well basically everything! WebWoW CMS v2 is completely re-written to meet our new standards. You will no longer go through the old WebCreator, WebWoW2 comes with a Smart Installer which will guide you through to configuration process and you can update your CMS right from the administration Panel and of course much more!

WebWoW has many features and we will constantly add new and improve older features while development continues. Below you will find a quick list with WebWoW's key features.

  • Multi Emulator Support
    WebWoW supports all 3 major emulators known as Arcemu, MaNGOS and Trinity.
  • Unlimited Realm Status
    With WebWoW you can add as many realms as you want. There is no limit!
  • Smart Installer
    A installer which guides you through the configuration process.
  • Register & Login
    Create a account from ingame and website and login on the website to access more features.
  • Administration Panel
    The Administration Panel has many features.
    • News & Announcements
      This system also has a commenting system and stickies
    • Remote Updating (Beta Demo Video)
      Update WebWow to it's latest version right from the Administration Panel.
    • CSS Editors
      Not one, but two CSS editors allowing you do modify your site's template.
    • Templating
      With this tool you can easily change your site's appearance in just a few seconds.
    • Modules & Plug-ins
      You can easily create your own features for WebWoW or install premades.
    • User Manager
      Manage your users, edit passwords, settings and promote users all via this tool!
    • Language System
      Focused on a specific language? Change your site's Language for easier use!
    • Caching System
      Cache/Recache your site for faster loading times.
    • Navigation Manager
      Add/remove/edit navigation links on your website.
    • Credits
      On this page WebWoW provides credits for used code and special contributions.

  • Account panel
    The following features are module based.
    • Profile
      A small profile where users can set their avatar and change their password.
    • Character Teleporter
      Teleport your character to one of the Capital cities of your faction.
    • Character Unstucker
      A webbased unstuck tool which teleports you to your hearthstone's innkeeper.
    • Simple Vote System & Shop
      Buy rewards with points earned by voting on toplist sites.
    • Donate*
      This module allows you to accept donations and users to gain donation points. No shop included..
    • Simple Donation Shop*
      A simple shop where users can buy items with points received from donating. The "Donate" module is required for this module to function.

* These are Premium Modules and are available for just a few dollars.

Under Development
We are currently planning to create the following features. When these features will be released is unknown.

  • Character name Changer
    Module, Account Panel. Allows you to change your character's name.
  • Character Faction Changer
    Module, Account Panel. Allows you to change your Character's faction.
  • Page/Editor Manager
    Module, Administration Panel. Add/remote/edit pages for your site.
  • Recruit a Friend
    Module, Account Panel. Recruit a friend a receive rewards.
  • IPB Integration
    Module, main site. A simple account integration with the Infusion Power Board System
  • vBulletin Integration
    Module, main site. a simple account integration with the vBulletin System.
  • WebWoW Bulletin Board
    Module, main site. Account Panel. WebWoW's very own Bulletin board with special features.
  • Ban Appeal System
    Module, Account Panel + Administration Panel. Discuss your ban via PMs with a admin/GM.
  • Character Move
    Module, Account Panel. Move your Character to a different realm
  • Character Transfer
    Module, Account Panel. Transfer your character to a different account.
  • Ticket Reader
    Module, GM Tool. Read/delete tickets via a web interface.
  • Top 10 list
    Module, main Site. Top honor, kills, Arena Team lists.
  • Donation Goal
    Module, main site. A money goal on the homepage and updates when donations are received.
  • Armory
    Module, main site. A armory fully working with WebWoW's system.
  • Expansion Changer
    Module, Account Panel. Change your account's expansion.
  • Advanced Donation Shop
    Module, Account Panel. A search tool based reward shop.

To Developers & Designers
WebWoW invites you into it's community and contribute in any way you want. Feel free to release or sell designs, modules or plug-ins for WebWoW2 or with repacks, suggestions, scripts anything you want! With your help WebWoW can become even better!

Where do I get WebWoW?
Login or sign up at and head to this page.


WoW themed default template
Posted Image
Posted Image

Administration Panel - Remote Update
Posted Image

Administration Panel - Template Editor
Posted Image
Posted Image

Administration Panel - Plug-in Creation Page
Posted Image

Administration Panel - Languages
Posted Image

Administration Panel - Navigation Manager
Posted Image

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Posted 09 September 2013 - 12:01 PM

Released yet?

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