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They See Me Trollin' They Hatin' why we alwayz g3t bann3d :*( >:3

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Posted 31 May 2011 - 04:34 PM

This is a thread for the trolls of arcemu irc!

Posted Image

* Now talking on #blizzard
* Topic for #blizzard is: Blizzard Entertainment || || World of Warcraft || || Employment Opportunities ||
* Topic for #blizzard set by Cairenn!~Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn at Fri Nov  5 16:29:38 2010
<datastream_> how do i set this up?
* Amis (~Amis@unaffiliated/amis) has joined #blizzard
<datastream_> can i have a private server?
<Amis> I spend 3 points in [Improved Blizzard] but the company still sucks :<
<datastream_> pl0x?
<datastream_> alestane: where can i purchase a private server?
* garvey (~garvey@) has joined #blizzard
<datastream_> i have about 3 bags of jew gold for a private server
<garvey> Ohai
<datastream_> is that enough?
<garvey> Busy channel is busy
<datastream_> it is!
<datastream_> but they wont tell me where i can buy a private server :P
<datastream_> i even offered 3 WHOLE bags of jew gold
<garvey> You has jew gold?
<datastream_> alright alestane, what ifi throw in my jewhat?
<datastream_> maybe my foreskin? i still have it...
<Marforius> throwing in the kappa, too?
<garvey> Well, clearly not a real jew then, you stole that money didn't you!
<datastream_> i could make a jewhat out of my foreskin.. there is an aweful lot of it...
<datastream_> yea i stole my friends neck pouch
<datastream_> thats where we jews keep our gold
<garvey> <datastream_> thats where _the_ jews keep our gold
<garvey> fix'd
<datastream_> oh
<datastream_> well then
<datastream_> i will be taking my business elsewhere
<datastream_> **** YOU ALESTANE!
<datastream_> you and youre shittay company!
* datastream_ (~datastrea@) has left #blizzard ("Leaving")
<garvey> *you're
<garvey> yo
<garvey> Oh
* Cairenn sets ban on *!*

UPDATE: apparently we all got banned afterwords :3

Posted Image
remember: its always a successful trolling when someone gets banned :)

Will update with moar trolling chats but for now, enjoy this picture of my dog:
Posted Image
Posted Image
need halp with a C++ script? message me! :P

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