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Death Knight - Broken/partly Broken Spells& Talents

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Posted 21 May 2010 - 05:02 PM


The following information has been reproduced on the official ArcEmu test server, r3474.
Last update was done on July 09, 2010.

Applied Patch/Fixed
Approved Patch
Important (Abuseable)

1) Here you will find information about DKs formulas and Coefficients.

Broken/Partly Broken Spells

Blood Plague - Damage does not scale with AP. (fixed in rev 4144)
Blood Presence - Does not heal the DK.
Blood Strike - Does not deal extra damage per DK Disease. (fixed in rev 4149)
Death Coil - Damage does not scale with AP & Rank 1 does not work at all. Probably does not refund Runic Power when used to heal. (fixed in rev 4150)
Icy Touch - Damage does not scale with AP. (fixed in rev 4145)
Frost Fever - Damage does not scale with AP. (fixed in rev 4146)
Plague Strike - Does not remove HoT on the target.
Death Strike
Pestilence - Borken.
Raise Dead - Spawns some ghouls that do not interact with the environment. It works better when using Talent: Master of ghouls.
Blood Boil - Damage does not scale with AP. (fixed in rev 4147)
Death and Decay - Damage does not scale with AP. (fixed in rev 4148)
Obliterate - Does not deal extra damage per DK Disease and does not consumes the diseases.
Anti-Magic Shell - Reduces the damage done by harmful spells by 75 instead of 75%. (fixed in rev 4153)
Blood Tap - Does not Transform Blood Rune into Death Rune. (fixed in rev 4160)
Death Pact - Broken
Rune Strike - Broken (fixed in rev 4152)
Empower Rune Weapon - Does not activate the runes. (fixed in rev 4154)
Army of Dead - The ghouls miss a lot and hit 1s.

Broken/Partly Broken Talents

Blood Tree

Butchery - Broken (fixed in rev 4162)
Subversion - Does not reduce the threat generated while in blood or unholy presence.
Blade Barrier - Broken (fixed in rev 4163)
Scent of Blood - Broken
Death Rune Mastery - Broken (fixed in rev 4164)
Improved Rune Tap - It does not increase the health provided by rune tap. (fixed in rev 4165)
Spell Deflection - Broken (fixed in rev 4167)
Mark of Blood - Does not heal the DK when hit. (fixed in rev 4168)
Abomination's Might - The Attack power part does not work.
Bloodworms - Broken (fixed in rev 4169)
Hysteria - The health part does not work. (fixed in rev 4170)
Improved Blood Precense - Broken
Improved Death Strike - Does not increase the healing done. (fixed in reg 4175)
Sudden doom - Broken (fixed in rev 4176)
Vampiric Blood - Increases health by 15 instead of 15%, not sure about the 2nd effect. (fixed in rev 4174)
Will of the necropolis - Broken (fixed in rev 4173)
Blood gorged - Broken
Dancing Rune Weapon - Spawns a weapon that misses and hits 1s, untill that its gone after ~4 seconds.

Frost Tree

Improved Icy Touch - Broken
Toughness - Does not reduce the duration of movement impairing effects
Black Ice - Broken
Nerves of Cold Steel - Not sure about the miss chance reduction.
Icy Talons - Broken
Annihilation - Currently Obliterate does not consume diseases.
Killing Machine - Proc chance too high and does not increase the critical chance of Icy Touch.
Endless Winter - Does not increase the chance of Chains of ice to apply Frost Fever.
Frigid Dreadplate - Broken
Glacier Rot - Broken
Deathchill - Does not increase the critical chance.
Improved Icy Talons - Increase the melee haste at all times by 5%.
Merciless Combat - Broken
Rime - Broken
Chilblains - Broken
Hungering Cold - Broken
Improved Frost Presence - Broken
Threat of Thassarian - Broken
Blood of North - Pestilence and Blood Strike do not have a chance to transform blood rune into death rune.
Acclimation - Broken
Tundra Stalker - The spells and abilities do not deal extra damage to targets infected with Frost Fever.
Howling Blast - Damage does not scale with AP.

Unholy Tree

Morbidity - Does not increase the damage nor healing done by Death Coil.
Ravenous Dead - Does not increase the strenght nor the stamina of the Ghouls.
Necrosis - Broken
Corpse Explosionn - Broken
On a pale horse - Does not decrease the duration of stun or fear effects.
Blood-Caked Blade - Broken
Night of the dead - Does not reduce the damage recieved by the pet from AoE's.
Unholy Blight - Broken
Impurity - Broken
Dirge - Broken
Desecration - Broken
Magic Suppression - Does not reduce damage taken by all magics, and increases the damage reduction of anti-magic shell by 25 instead of 25%.
Reaping - Broken
Desolation - Broken
Anti Magic Zone - Broken
Improved Unholy Presence - Broken
Crypt Fever - Broken
Wandering Plague - Broken
Ebon Plaguebringer - Crypt Fever is broken, henceforth it does not evolve into Ebon Plague. Nevertheless, the talent improves the spells & melee critical chance.
Scourge Strike - Does not deal extra shadow damage per disease.
Rage of Rivendare - Do not increase damage done by spells and abilities to targets afflicted by Blood Plague.
Summon Gargoyle - Spawns a gargoyle that either misses or hits 1s.

If you want the Spells/Abilities/Talents of this class working properly, then help me out keeping this list up to date. Post your findings here!

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Posted 28 June 2010 - 04:22 PM

Raise Dead when having the talent Master of Ghouls doesn't summon no Ghouls atm (r3457).
Also there is a part in hackfixes that has a reference to the spell (id 46584).
7691	                sp = dbcSpell.LookupEntryForced( 46584 );
7692	                if( sp != NULL )
7693	                {
7694	                sp->Effect[0] = SPELL_EFFECT_DUMMY;
7695	                sp->Effect[1] = 0;
7696	                sp->Effect[2] = 0;
7697	                }

Not sure if that causes any issues.

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Posted 09 July 2010 - 11:09 AM

I updated the list based on the applied patches. Maybe, something else has changed but i highly doubt it, although i will test all of the spells as soon as i can.

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Posted 15 August 2010 - 11:13 PM

Changed my mind, thanks for helping though.

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Posted 15 August 2010 - 11:21 PM

The deathknight class is ferly new this will take dev and members allot of time before being perfected, Stay tuned and keep updated as one day this task will be completed. Will be posting further bugs as discovered.

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