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Arcemu Hibernation

Hi there!
As all of you might have noticed, there haven't been any commits for over a year now.
This means Arcemu is in hibernation mode.

Since it doesn't look like there would be more activity in the foreseeable future, due to disinterest and time constraints I've disabled registration and login to the forums.
The forum will now remain static and will serve as a knowledge base like the wiki.

The github repository will also remain intact, so if anyone feels like to fork the project and continue or just mess around with it, feel free to do so!

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NOTE to self and Hasbro:
Comment out line 334 of admin/sources/handlers/han_login.php to re-enable forum login.


Milestone #2 Has Been Reached

Hi there!
As of revision 4529a2fb4adf7f9b9ce37a09ac8a6652b63269c1 we have successfully reached Milestone #2!
In this milestone we had the following objectives, which we have achived.

  • Destructable buildings support
  • Worldstate support
  • SOTA, IOC, Arenas review
  • Move BG and Arena code to plugins

Implementation of this Milestone took us a total of 6 months ( we have been less active lately, that's why this long ).
Work started with revision d0c3041d3fabfdd8d519ddb48f7b3c3069131de6 and ended with revision 4529a2fb4adf7f9b9ce37a09ac8a6652b63269c1.

Congratulations on a job well done for everyone who participated, and thanks for everyone who contributed!


Arcemu Is Moving To Git

Ladies and gentlemen, murlocs and gronns, orcs and elves!

The time has finally come for the Arcemu project to move over to GIT!
We've been considering this move for a long time, and actually even announced our intention at one time, but due to various reasons we couldn't make this move until now.

Why are we moving to GIT?
GIT was designed for speed and massive open-source collaboration, so according to Linus Torvalds it's much better for us.
Ofc based only on his word we wouldn't make such a move, so we had some tests, and it is indeed faster to work with, because everyone has a local copy of the entire repository.
It also makes collaboration a lot easier, since lots of people already transitioned to GIT and are reluctant to use SVN again.

Where are we moving to?
We chose Github as our host, it's very popular, and easy to use.
The Arcemu GIT repository is already up on github: https://github.com/arcemu/arcemu
It is already a fully working repository, converted from the SVN, so our full history is up there!
You can read-only clone using the following URL: git://github.com/arcemu/arcemu.git

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The move is now complete, the documentation on the wiki has been updated ( although it can use some more work ), the SVN repository has been reset and I've put a notification there for people who might not understand why their SVN client is downloading revision 0 all of the sudden!


Work On The Subversion Repository

Hi there!
I am doing some work on the SVN so it will be unavailable for some hours.
So don't be surprised if you can't checkout / update!

The work has been completed, the SVN should be again up and usable, thanks for everyone's patience!


Milstone1 "patience Is A Virtue" Has Been Reached.

Hi there!
As you all might have seen in the commit message of r4590, we've reached Milestone1 which we call "Patience is a virtue".

For this milestone we had 2 main objectives, which have been of course achieved!

  • Rework the way summons are handled ( possessed stuff, totems, guardians, critters, temporary pets, etc )
  • Implement vehicle support
Both of these are very important for our progress!

Implementation of Milestone1 took a total of 3 months with 320 commits ( including the trunk and branches )
Work started with r4270 on June 28, 2011
Work ended with r4590 on Septermber 25, 2011

Congratulations on a job well done for everyone who participated, and thanks for everyone who contributed!

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Recruiting Developers

ArcEmu is currently looking for creative, fun individuals to join our team and community.

We are looking for programmers who are interested in not only improving our project, but expanding their horizons.
You will have the opportunity to work on network communication, multi-server interaction, anti-hacking countermeasures, 2d/3d geometry based collision detection, a high level lua scripting engine, multi-threading, implementation of game mechanics, and new features. You will be writing cross-platform, portable code which will be used by thousands of people across the globe.


ArcEmu is an Open Source World of Warcraft server, which is x86 compatible (including Pentium� and Athlon�), amd64 compatible, and PowerPC compatible. It is currently developed and maintained by a team of individuals. The server is written in C++ and offers advanced networking, performance, ingame anti-hack security, and unique features today which are still missing in other server software packages.

Technologies we utilize include, zlib, g3dlite, libmpq, MySQL.

    We are looking for individuals with the following skills:

  • C/C++ Programming skills
  • Experience with code optimization
  • Self-motivation, and the ability to work in a team
  • Passion for technology
  • Experience with high-level languages such as Perl, Python, or Lua
  • Networking experience TCP/UDP
  • Familiarity with implementing client / server architecture
  • Database familiarity with Mysql, and/or PostgreSQL
  • Multi-platform experience (see here for a full list of platforms we support)
  • A will to learn!

If you are interested in working on a project that will improve your skills, and is used by thousands of people world wide please contact Hasbro via our forums, or irc.

Thank you for your time.
ArcEmu team


Issue Tracker And Crash Reporting Improvements

Greetings all,

We've made several improvements to our issue tracker (trac).
From now on users can use trac to report bugs, and/or, report crashes.
Registration is required to use the issue tracker.
To create a new ticket you must fill out a detailed report.
Be sure to search through the existing issues to avoid duplicate reports (duplicate reports are bad).
If an already existing issue on the subject exists, add more information to it as needed.
To read more on how to properly use the issue tracker visit the wiki page

    Below are a list of components usable when filing a new ticket.
  • Addons/ArcGM
  • Buildsystem/Make
  • Core/Achievements
  • Core/Crypto
  • Core/Items
  • Core/Logonserver
  • Core/Maps
  • Core/Misc
  • Core/Players
  • Core/Quest
  • Core/Spells
  • Core/Units
  • Scripts/Gossip
  • Scripts/Instance
  • Scrits/Items
  • Scripts/Lua
  • Scripts/Raids
  • Scripts/Spells